What does the PTO really do? Why do we need to fundraise? How will my student benefit?

These are all important questions! Explore to learn ALL the amazing things PTO does daily to enhance student learning, support teachers and staff, and to make Lantern Road Elementary an exciting place to learn. We also are excited to partner with the district to fundraise for a NEW PLAYGROUND! Your gift will be 1:1 matched by the district up to $30K for a new space.

Your gift makes a BIG impact! Explore to learn more about how your support engages students at LRE.

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You help make Lantern Road Elementary an exciting place to learn for our students through volunteering, parenting, and through generous gifts.

PTO works alongside teachers and staff to be sure they have the resources to enhance your student's learning each day. 




YOU help make LRE an amazing place to learn! Reach out to the PTO anytime with comments, questions, or ideas.


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