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The Lantern Road Elementary administration is working to improve the quality and safety of student playgrounds. The PTO can partner alongside the district to receive 1:1 dollar matching up to $30,000. 

Partner with this multi-year PTO effort to improve the playgrounds and also continue to fund all the amazing annual events and educational opportunities!

Leave your Legacy

Your pledge will help fund a new playground and over half of this year's PTO project funding. Leave a lasting legacy at LRE!


  • TWO Luau Event Wristbands

  • Pledge T-shirt

  • Exclusive donor recognition tile on the new playground


Leave your legacy with $150 

Playground Pledge

Your pledge at the basic level will help fund a new playground for LRE.

$50 one-time gift

Family Fun Pledge

Your family fun pledge will help fund a new playground and over half of this year's PTO projects ...with extra perks.


  • ONE Luau Event Wristband

  • Pledge T-shirt


$100 one-time gift



YOU help make LRE an amazing place to learn! Reach out to the PTO anytime with comments, questions, or ideas.


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